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Refence guide

Last Updated: Thursday, 29 September 2016






Master type

SS930 5130 1060   900 (B4)
SS950 5170 1070   900 (B4)
SS915 5210 1140   900 (B4)
SS935 5230 1160   900 (B4)
SS955 5270 1170   900 (B4)
VT1730 5303 1220 CP303 VTIIS (A4)
VT1800 5304 1222 CP304 VTIIS (A4)
VT2105 5325 1250 CP325 VTIIM (B4)
VT2150 5310 1240 CP310 VTIIS (A4)
VT2200 5327 1252 CP327 VTIIM (B4)
VT2250 5329L 1254L CP329L VTIIM (B4)
VT2300 5330 1260 CP330 VTIIM (B4)
VT2400 5340 1255 CP340 VTIIM (B4)
VT2500       VTIIM (B4)
VT2600 5360 1270 CP360 VTIIM (B4)
VT3500 5375 1280 CP375 VTIIL (A3)
VT3600 5380 1285 CP380 VTIIL (A3)
VT3800 5385 1290 CP385 VTIIL (A3)
VT6000 5390 1295 CP390 VT6L (A3)
JP750 6123CP 6123CP 6123CP JP7 (B4)
JP755 6123b+ 6123b+ 6123b+ JP7 (B4)
JP1050 5306B 1224B CP306B JP10M (B4)
JP1250 5308B 1225B CP308B JP12M (B4)
JP1255 5308B+ 1225B+ CP308B+ JP12M (B4)
JP3000 5430 1330 CP430 JP30 (A3)
JP4500 CP6244 CP6244 CP6244 HQ40L (A3)
JP5000 5450 1560 CP450 JP50 (A3)
JP5500 5450+ 1560+ CP450+ JP50 (A3)
JP5800 5480 1580 CP480 JP50 (A3)
JP8000 5490 1395 CP490 JP80 (A3)
JP8500 5490+ 1395+ CP490+ JP80 (A3)
HQ7000 CP6334 CP6334 CP6334 HQ90 (A3)
HQ9000 CP6346 CP6346 CP6346 HQ90 (A3)
DD6650p DD6650p DD6650p DD6650p HQ90 (A3)
DX2430 DX2430 DX2430 DX2430 DX2430 (B4)
DX3440 DX3440 DX3440 DX3440 JP10M (B4)
DX3443 DX3443 DX3443 DX3443 JP10M (B4)
DD3344 DD3344 DD3344 DD3344 JP10M (B4)
DX4542 CP6244+ - - HQ40L (A3)
DX4545 DX4545 DX4545 DX4545 HQ40L (A3)
DD4450 DD4450 DD4450 DD4450 HQ40L (A3)
DD5450 DD5450 DD5450 DD5450 Type 500 (A3)
DX4640pd DX4640pd DX4640pd DX4640pd DX4640 (A3)


Black 600 cc SS/VT-serie
  Black 500 cc JP750, JP755, DX2430
  Black 600 cc JP1050
  Black 600 cc JP1250, JP1255, JP3000, DX3440, DX3443, DD3344
  Black 600 cc (HQ) JP4500, DX4542, DX4545, DD4450
  Black 1.000 cc VT2400, VT2600, VT3500, VT3600, VT3800, VT6000
  Black 1.000 cc JP5000, JP5500, JP5800
  Black 1.000 cc DX4640pd
  Black 1.000 cc (HD) JP8000, JP8500
  Black 1.000 cc (HQ) HQ7000, HQ9000, DD6650p
  Black 1.000 cc DD5450 (type 500)
  Color 600 cc SS/VT-serie
  Color 600 cc JP750, JP755, DX2430, JP1050, JP1250, JP1255, JP3000, DX3440, DX3443, DD3344 (type II)
  Color 600 cc JP4500, DX4542, DX4545, DD4450 (type VI)
  Color 1.000 cc JP5000, JP5500, JP5800, JP8000, JP8500 (type IV)
  Color 1.000 cc (HD) JP8000, JP8500 (type V)
  Color 1.000 cc (HQ) HQ7000, HQ9000, DX4640pd, DD6650p (type VII)
  Color 1.000 cc DD5450 (type 500)
  Color 5x600 cc (CM) All models (except JP5000/8000 series, HQ7000/9000 series) and DD6650p
  Color 3x1000 cc (CM) JP5000/8000 series, HQ7000/9000 series and DD6650p