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Activities of NEKO

Last Updated: Thursday, 06 February 2014

Digital Duplicators Ricoh
Controllers Ricoh
Copying systems Ricoh
Full colour copiers Ricoh
Laserprinters b/w Ricoh
Laserprinters full colour Ricoh
Fax equipment Ricoh
Collating equipment Duplo, Nagel, Plockmatic
Folding-/stapling machines Nagel, Plockmatic
Jogging equipment Plockmatic, Stago
Staplers Nagel, Rapid, Stago, Plockmatic
Block Stapling machines Nagel, Rapid, Stago
Paper drilling machines Nagel, Stago
Paper cutting machines Eba, Ideal
Folding machines Multipli, Uchida
Creasing/perforating equipment GBC, Ibico, Planax, Renz
Binding machines GBC, Ibico, Planax, Renz
Block gluing equipment Muro
Laminators GBC, Ibico, Renz
Shredders Eba, Ideal


Neko delivers and installs all equipment on the base of sale, lease or rent.
Neko supplies all consumables and can also deliver the complete maintanance program.